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After searching around the globe for a place to call home for about 10 years, we stumbled upon Ometepe Island and knew we found something special.  We purchased our raw land in the fall of 2006 and started working right away.  First, we installed the water tubes that come from a spring high up on the mountain, lot's of digging and bushwacking but well worth it when we had water to our land.  Next, we cleared a alot of weeds until we found the edge of our forest and built the rancho ( lodge ). We used adobe bricks we made on site and were thrilled to have a place to stay when we got back from the states, before we left,  we planted lot's of fruit trees, rice and beans.   When we returned the second time around we were thrilled to find out some local kids surprised us and planted lot's of flowers for us in front of the lodge. We lived pretty rustic at first.


Reserve your stay with us !


At Finca Mystica, we want everyone to enjoy thier time here. That's why we offer beautiful, clean and affordable options for every type of traveler. We have an Incredible dorm style communal room that is suitable for  singles or pairs, family rooms that are large and comfortable, Cute cabins perfect for couples and cabins with two two beds great for sharing with friends. All of our cabins are uniquely built out of earth, bottles and love. Plus they are very clean, secure and sturdy

Mouth watering unique onsite restaraunt and bar


Our intimate and friendly kitchen offers most likely some of the freshest foods you have ever eaten.  Most of our ingredients either come from our farm or within the village grown from our neighbors.  We try to offer the traveler a little bit of everything from healthy style nica dishes to other international dishes.  Our focus is to be concious of our ingredients and offer a healthy meal made with love. We are always learning new things to do with all the wonderful things that grow in the tropics.  We try to suit all diets from vegans to carnivores. Our kitchen opens early for Breakfast and serves food all day through dinner, which we serve at 7 pm nightly so all the guests can eat together if they wish.  Luna's Lounge offers beer, wine and hand crafted cocktails throughout the evening. Great selection of music aswell


Endless Activities to do from from our place


Finca Mystica is in the perfect location for all your adventure needs. Our farm is within walking distance to beautiful beaches, the waterfall of San Ramon, ancient petroglyphs, hiking the cloud forest of maderas volcano from our land , kayaking through the rio istian or to close by islands, horseback riding, motorcycle rental, mountain biking, visiting our friendley pueblo and much more.  You can also enjoy many activities right on our farm. We have many board games, great selection of books to read, classes from roasting your own organic coffee to making chocolate from the raw cacao bean. We have hiking trails throughout the forest on our land, hundreds of fruit trees, and natural building projects you can get involved in. Plus we can set up volunteer oppertunities in our village. Or just kick back, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you.


If you are looking to come to our hotel/farm to just relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you, there are many things to do right on our land. Our land is filled with rare fruit trees, flowers and's very beautiful. Do some yoga, meditate or exercise in our beautiful large pavilion. Our private hiking trail that goes into our monkey preserve is great for wildlife watching and soaking up nature, it's about 1.6 km roundtrip.  Great selection of books, board games, darts, disc golf,  horseshoes, ring toss, cards and more.Enjoy free hi speed wifi in our lodge while laying in a hammock sipping on a drink. The beach just a short walk away is one of the best swimming/sunset spots on the whole island 

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