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Our Hand Sculpted Earthen Cabins

All our cabins were built using Cob, an ancient technique using soil, sand, rice straw, coconut coir and a little dried horse manure. These materials were harvested on our land or very close by. We take these ingredients and mix them all together really good with our feet and sculpt the cabins onto a solid foundation that is reinforced with rebar. The wood was harvested from our land or from our neighbors in a very sustainable way. We use recycled bottles into our walls for light and design. All of our cabins are very secure, comfortable, screened in and individually unique. These cabins were built with lot's of love and sweat by Ryan, Angela and our wonderful local workers and friends.

Book on our site or directly for the cheapest price...

if the date you are looking for show up as unavailable, we may still have private cabins or beds in our communal cabin available, just not on consecutive days. So if you are flexible to move to different cabins just check on specific days :)  Also, if the number of people in your group exceed a 1 room limit, please book per cabin as the website will not show multiple rooms as will just show up as unavailable. Hope to host you soon !

* If you have any questions about our place that you can't find on here, please email us directly at or WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you out *

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