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 Roots and Fruits
Restaurant & Bar

Breakfast :

You can order at 7 am till 4 pm, main plates range from $4.25 - $5.75. We also have an a la carte selection if you want something smaller. Plus we serve excellent juices and strong organic coffee which we roast onsite and grow most of it as well :)

Lunch : 

 You can order Lunch anytime from 7 am until 4 pm as well.

Main Lunch plates range from $ 5 - $5.75 .

Sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta, daily homemade bread and more


Dinner :

We serve dinner nightly around 7 pm, family style. However you can choose to sit at your own table as well. Every morning , We put up our daily dinner options board where you can sign up if you are joining us before 4 pm or order off the main menu before 7pm. We try to always offer at least 2 vegetarian and 2 options with meat. Prices range from $6.25 -$7.50 . We have about 16 different options that we rotate weekly so there is no repeats unless you are staying for a longer time.



Our intimate and friendly kitchen offers most likely some of the freshest foods you have ever eaten.  Many of our ingredients either come from our farm or within the village grown from our neighbors.  We try to offer the traveler a little bit of everything from healthy style Nica dishes to different international dishes.  Our focus is to be conscious of our ingredients and offer a healthy delicious meal made with love. We are always learning new things to do with all the wonderful things that grow in the tropics.  We try to suit all diets from vegans to carnivores. In addition to ur main meals, we also offer a la carte options, fresh snacks, homemade baked goods, great smoothies and juices, plus hand crafted cocktails, wine , local artesian beers and the classics.

The restaurant and bar area is in our main rancho with lake and forest views, games, books, hammocks and a nice selection of music.

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