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 After searching around the globe for a place to call home for about 10 years, we stumbled upon Ometepe Island and knew we found something special.  We purchased our raw land in the fall of 2006 and started working right away.  First, we installed the water tubes that come from a spring high up on the mountain, lot's of digging and bushwacking but well worth it when we had water to our land.  Next, we cleared a alot of weeds until we found the edge of our forest and built the rancho ( lodge ). We used adobe bricks we made on site and were thrilled to have a place to stay when we got back from the states, before we left,  we planted lot's of fruit trees, rice and beans.   When we returned the second time around we were thrilled to find out some local kids surprised us and planted lot's of flowers for us in front of the lodge. We lived pretty rustic at first.  We used a car battery for one tiny light bulb to use a few hours at night, we had a cooler that we filled with ice from the bottom of the road daily, no transportation besides our feet, a hose with a few tarps around it for our shower, a bucket and rice husks for our bathroom and a fire pit with some pot's and pans for our kitchen.  It was a little bit different and difficult from what we were used to, but we were really falling in love with the land and our new little puppy ( luna ) a friend brought over as a house warming gift. That year we built our tool shed, a proper bathroom and shower and began  our first cob guest cabin and again planted lot's of trees.  Our third time back we had the electric installed just before christmas, which was definetly a treat for us. We added to our family as Luna gave birth to one puppy, sol or sunny.  We finished our 1st cabin and built two more using the materials from the land = dirt, sand, straw, horse manure, rocks, and our feet and hands ( don't worry, the manure was not fresh, just pure fiber ) .  We Also bought our truck, a 1983 4 door diesel, not so pretty but runs great ( most of the time ) to this day !  Last year we opened to the public, and had a good amount of wonderful guests who came acroos by chance or  word of mouth from other travelers. We built another cabin ( this new one has almost 100 bottles in the it's wall. We also recieved another gift, a little cat named Rondo and built our earth oven that provides us with yummy breads, pizza and more.  Now here we are back again, finally with a website, signs and no intention of heading back to the USA to work like we have done the last 4 years or so, only to visit with family.  Alot of our trees are giving fruits, we grow alot of our grains, teas, make fresh dairy product and get's lot's of our other needs from our village.  We are really fortunate to live in a beautiful place with great neighbours, good climate, lot's of sustainability and very little or non-exsistent crime............LIFE IS GOOD !  


Wish there were 6 stars to give

"As the title suggests finca mystica has been my favourite place to stay in Nicaragua. And here's why:
Everything... But in more detail :
Ryan and Ange are fantastic hosts who take every care to make your stay special, and their staff are wonderful.
Food is actually homecooked and the best I've eaten in Nicaragua
Cabins are spacious, clean and have character as they are made from reclaimed materials
Perfectly located for waterfall, beach, kayaking the istian river and hiking the smaller volcano
Gardens would be the envy of the Royal botanical society
There are monkeys in the trees and fireflies at sunset. And butterflies everywhere! 
Excellent common area with games and good hammocks
And delicious (rum) smoothies
Laid back and quiet 

One of the things about mystica is its remoteness, about an hour from the port, but this is ideal as it is close to the main places to visit. 

Overall a fantastic place to stay! 

Euromongrel, Edinburgh

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