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A destination in itself

We are located in the beautiful foothills of Maderas volcano. It's a wonderful part of the island a little off the beaten track . You can spend multiple days or weeks here if you are into adventure activities, local culture, nature, sunsets, swimming, eating great food and enjoying life. It's easy to explore other parts of the island as well by bus, bike, motorcycle, scooter, quad or by hiking as well . We are a really good basecamp . We promise you that you'll love our little slice of paradise and our wonderful local community.

Getting here and away

                                               Start in San Jorge:

Take a ferry or lancha to Moyogalpa or San Jose del Sur.  The ferry costs 50 Córdoba's one way and is a little bit more comfortable than the smaller lancha ( boat ), that costs 40 Córdoba's.  The ferry will also bring your car, truck, or
motorcycle for an additional fee.  You need to reserve in advance to bring your vehicle. We can help you with this if you would like or just google the ferry schedule for numbers. The lancha is much more adventurous !  Both are very safe and both take about an hour from port to port.

                           Ferry Schedule 

San Jorge to Moyogalpa                 Moyogalpa to San Jorge

07:00   C$50      Ferry Che Guevara

07:45   C$50       Ferry Ometepe 1

08:30   C$50       Ferry Ometepe III

09:00   C$50      Ferry Cacique Nicarao

10:30   C$50       Ferry Ometepe III

11:00   C$45       Lancha Estrella Del Sur

12:00   C$50       Ferry Ometepe I

12:30   C$35       Lancha Santa Martha

13:30   C$50       Ferry Cacique Nicarao

14:30   C$50       Ferry Ometepe III

15:30   C$45       Lancha Estrella Del Sur

16:00   C$50       Ferry Che Guevara

17:00   C$35       Lancha Santa Martha

17:45   C$50       Ferry Ometepe III

05:30    C$50        Ferry Cacique Nicarao

06:00    C$50        Ferry Ometepe III

06:30    C$35        Lancha Santa Martha

06:45    C$50        Ferry Ometepe I

07:00    C$45      Lancha Estrella Del Sur

09:00    C$50       Ferry Ometepe III

10:00     C$50        Ferry Ometepe I

11:00     C$50        Ferry Che Guevara

11:30     C$50       Ferry Cacique Nicarao

12:30     C$50        Ferry Ometepe III

13:00     C$45      Lancha Estrella Del Sur

14:00     C$50         Ferry Ometepe I

15:00     C$35        Lancha Santa Martha

16:00     C$50        Ferry Ometepe III

17:30     C$50         Ferry Che Guevara


 Options from Moyogalpa

* The easiest, quickest and more comfortable way is taking a taxi directly here *
A taxi to our place costs $30 in total ( up to 5 people), with the driver that we use. It takes about 1 hour (the island is big). Call or write us with your ferry/boat time and we can arrange a taxi for you if you would like, at no extra charge. The taxi will be waiting with a Finca Mystica sign when you arrive.  You can pay the taxi directly when you arrive to our place. You can also look for your own taxi at the port, you may get find a better price or maybe not. Just remember to tell the driver to take you up to our lodge rather than dropping you off at our sign at the road before you reach an agreement. You may also be able to arrange a shared shuttle in San Jorge or Moyogalpa if looking to pay a cheaper price and aren't worried about time. We can also try to arrange your trip with other guests who are arriving the same day to share the costs. * please remember that gas and vehicles are expensive in Nicaragua and the drivers need to make a living...Most drivers are not trying to rip you off and it would cost at least 5 times more in most countries* Just saying :)

                 Finding your own way from Moyogalpa:

If you have your own transportation like a scooter, motorcycle, high clearance vehicle, bicycle or horse, just look at google maps or head to Merida/San Ramon and you will find us. The roads get bumpy in a few areas, including some of our driveway :)

You can rent a scooter, motorcycle or quad from many different companies located in the town. We can also have someone wait at the port with one of the options waiting for you when you arrive at the dock if you give us a day or two notice. If renting one by yourself, be sure to check the vehicle really good to see what condition it's in. You'll need a driver's license, passport and usually a $100 deposit.

 Taking a local chicken bus is a very affordable and adventurous option but it does take a few hours and they only run a few times a day.

* A bus leaves Moyogapla at 2:45 pm and arrives roughly at 5:15 *

The other options leave from Altagracia, All buses from Moyogalpa stop in Altagracia and run frequently to and from each other

       Leaves Altagracia                       Arrives at Finca Mystica 

         10:00 am                                        11:30 pm

          1:00 pm                                         1:50 pm

          2:30 pm                                        3:30 pm

          3:40 pm                                        5:20 pm

     Leaves Finca Mystica                      Arrives in Altagracia

          5.40 am                                         6:40 am

          7:00 am                                         8:00 am

          8:40 am                               10:00 am  (Moyogalpa at 11:15)

          11:45 am                                         1:00 pm     

          2.:15 pm                                         3:15 pm

 Ask the driver to drop you off at Finca Mystica. From there it's about a 10 minute walk up the road to our Lodge.

Buses pickup and drop-off passengers anywhere and everywhere


      * NOTE *  

 Buses do not operate on Sundays or National Holidays

  Times and prices subject to change due to different reasons.

Buses leave the town square in Altagracia and from the port in Moyogalpa, just ask a local if you need help.

It's always better to be waiting a little early and flag down the bus.

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