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We are located in the beautiful foothills on a wonderful part of the island .  You can spend multiple days or weeks here if you are into adventure activities, local culture, nature, sunsets, swimming, eating great food and enjoying life without having to travel all over the island once you are here. We promise you that you'll love it here and our local community





By Ferry

From San Jorge: 

 Take a ferry or lancha to Moyogalpa or San jose del Sur.  The ferry costs 50 cordobas one way and is a little bit more comfortable than the smaller lancha ( boat ), that costs 40 cordobas.  The ferry will also bring your car, truck, or motorcycle for an additional fee.  You need to reserve in advance to bring your vehicle. We can help you with this if you would like. The lancha is much more adventurous !  Both are very safe and both take about an hour from port to port.


By Taxi or Shuttle

From Moyogalpa :

* The easiest, quickest and more comfortable way is taking a taxi directly here

A taxi to our place costs $25 in total. It takes about 1 hour .  Call or write us with your ferry/boat time and we can arrange a taxi for you if you would like, at no extra charge. The taxi will be waiting with a Finca Mystica sign when you arrive.  You can pay the taxi directly when you arrive to our place. You can also look for a shuttle in San Jorge ( up to $8 per person ) or we can try to arrange your trip with other guests who are arriving.




From Moyogalpa:

If you have your own scooter, motorcycle,high clearance vehicle, bycycle or horse, just look at google maps or head to Merida/San Ramon and you will find us :) or

Take any bus that heads to San Ramon or Merida.There are buses that leave Altagracia at  8 am and 2 : 15 pm that go to San Ramon.  They pass our sign around 9 : 15 am and 3:15 pm.  There is also one bus that leaves Moyogalpa at 2 : 30ish and arrives in Merida at 5 15ish  The buses that head to San Ramon will all drop you off at the bottom of our road near our sign, just ask for Finca Mystica.  All buses from Moyogalpa stop in Altagracia first.  If you are getting here late, you would have to take the bus that goes to Merida, which arrives at 5:15.... It is about a 20 minute walk ( with bags ) to our place from there or we can help arrange transportation.


* note : bus times subject to change, ask in Moyogalpa before you leave.


Finca Mystica
550 mts norte
El Congo, Merida
Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua  

Tel: (505) 8751-9653 

We also have WhatsApp +505-8751-9653

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