If you are looking to come to our hotel/farm to just relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you, there are many things to do right on our land.
Our private hiking trail that goes into our monkey preserve is great for wildlife watching and soaking up nature.

Do some yoga, meditate or exercise in our beautiful pavilion on our land.

We have a great selection of books, board games, darts, disc golf  horseshoes, ring toss, cards and more to enjoy during your stay.

Walk around our property and discover new fruits, trees, flowers and learn how they grow.

Great swimming/sunset beach less than a 10 minute walk away.

Enjoy free high speed wifi in our lodge while laying in a hammock sipping a smoothie with or without rum :)

Awesome rock circle in our garden to sit and talk to all your new friends you just made at Finca Mystica.

Amazing evenings filled with stars, fireflies and the roars of the howler monkeys

Roast coffee, make chocolate, grind peanut butter and more all from fresh ingrediants from our farm

And much more..



$30 per guide up to 3 people, or $10 per person 4 or more. 


Less than 1% of the world's forest is the type that is located in our backyard....Volcan Maderas. It is a wonderful 6-8 hour roundtrip trek.  There is a crater lake view at the top, (if your lucky)  or you can hike down another 1/2 hour to take a dip if your very adventurous.  You will see beautiful views of volcano conception along the way, as well as wildlife and exotic plantlife.  We can provide packed lunches and snacks for you to enjoy at the top.

cruise the island by bike,  atv, motorcycle


If you are an experienced rider, motorcycles are a great way to take a day tour of the island.   You can enjoy a day at the natural swimming hole (Ojo de Agua),charco verde, see petroglyphs, coffee plantations, and more.  The cost of the motorcycle is $25 for the day, gas included! We also rent out some nice mountain bikes to cruise the bumpy roads to the Ojo de Agua, petroglyphs, or around our friendly village.  Bicycle rentals are 
$2.5 per hour or $12 for the whole day. We can also set you up with ATV's, scooters, or a car at different prices.

San Ramon Waterfall


From Finca Mystica you can hike to the impressive 90 meter dropping waterfall of San Ramon.  This is a moderate 3-5 hour hike from our hotel.  Good sneakers or hiking shoes are highly recommended for this hike.  The last kilometer can be a bit rocky, but when you reach the waterfall you will be happy to feel the cool mist blowing from the falls, or take a dip if you would like.  If you are not up for a big hike, many of our guest enjoy taking horses up to the last kilometer, where you have to hike the rest of the way. It takes about 3-4 hours on horses roundtrip from our lodge. 

Thier is a $3 entrance fee to get into the waterfall at the entrance gate.
Horses are $7/ hour per person with guide.



Kayaking to the Rio Istian is another one of Ometepe's highlights. It is a beautiful estuary where you can spot monkeys, caimans, turtles and ton's of different bird species tucked between both volcanoes.  Its a stunning view on a clear day.  There are a few options for kayaking.  You can walk to Caballitos de Mar (about 35 minutes through town)  or have a taxi boat pick you up at the bottom of Finca Mysticas road for  $24 round trip.  The more people to share the boat taxi the better!  The cost of the tour through the rio with some of the best (bilingual) guides on the island is $25 per person for 1 or 2 people, $20 for 3 or more. This tour takes 3 to 4 hours .  If you are just looking to kayak around in the lake close by, there is a rental place near us that rents kayaks for $5 per hour.







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