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Our Wonderful Community

Since our first day on the island back in 2006, the villagers on the island have been so welcoming and warm to Angela and I. When Jazmine and Rylo were born even more so. To show our appreciation we wanted to give back from the very beginning as we know we can be a bridge between Nicaragua and the USA and other western countries through our guests and friends. We have been very fortunate to get many projects done and others started in the community through the help of the local community, guests of Finca Mystica, School groups from Colorado and Florida plus our friends. Projects donations, a prechool/ community house, a small playground with full size basketball court, covered multipurpose rancho solar lighting, medical donations and classes, clothes and more

* If you would like to donate or get involved, anything is appreciated and useful. Some donations thast are useful are school supplies, any sport donation, medical supplies, inflatable solar lights, clothing, games, books and anything you might think is useful. Plus if you have any special talents, like to teach english or arts and crafts or anything else the community would love this and we can help arrange it. Any ideas are welcome. We can also help faciliate homestays in local homes if you are interested. School groups or other organizations that are looking to do community projects are welcome and encouraged*

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