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 What type of travelers stay at Finca Mystica ?

We are truly fortunate to host all walks of life from countries all around the globe. Many families, couples, solo travelers and groups of friends and sometimes even school groups. It's and easy place to meet new friends and conversate if you like to be social, but still have access to be able to get away from it all anytime you want. We are not a crazy party place, but we know how to have fun. It definitely can get social with many games, play area and good drinks We typically do not have the fancy travelers expecting a 5 star hotel, nor do we get the lower end backpacker choosing cheap over everything else.  I guess it's the middle ground of experienced travelers looking for a unique comfortable yet affordable place located in beautiful setting a little of the beaten track

                                 How Big is the Island ?

The island is much larger than most people expect. It's very spread out with no main area except the port town of Moyogalpa and the town of Altagracia. You can still easily ride a bike

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